About Us

The Aviator Arms Story

Aviator Arms was founded in mid-2020 by a group of life-long friends and freedom loving, Second Amendment supporters. The designer of the X-1 set out to bring the often exotic and expensive PDW style weapon into the hands of the average gun owner by utilizing the most common and plentiful rifle platform in the US, the AR-15. In order to achieve this, it was necessary to tackle the AR-15's feature that caused its obvious size problem when trying to construct a compact variant, the buffer, and recoil assembly. The goal from the beginning was to re-design these parts so that a compact, rifle caliber PDW style weapon could be built by the average home builder for a fraction of the price of of a traditional compact PDW such as an H&K MP5, FN SCAR, or SIG MCX.

Our CEO, also a commercial cargo pilot and Boeing 747 captain, developed the first crude drawing while on rest in the crew quarters over the Pacific. The team ran with it from there and a first prototype was designed; the rest, as they say, is history. After four iterations of the prototype, and tens of thousands of rounds fired later, we have the current version of the X1 Biaxial Recoil Device. Aviator Arms is launching the company with the X1 product and plans to follow very shortly after with several other, innovative and novel products for the AR-15 pistol space.

If you have any questions, please feel free to visit us on our social channels (linked below) or by calling us at 1-855-PEW-PEW5. 


About the X-1 

  • Allows for a faster, more powerful rifle round in a much smaller package than current AR pistol offerings.
  • Traditional pistol braces don’t make a very good stock and are actually illegal when used as such.
  • Pistol braces, when used as designed, are actually quite cumbersome and difficult to use. When left off all together, the user is left with a bare buffer tube that still takes up just as much space as the brace but makes the pistol look half built.
  • By removing the buffer tube and relocating the recoil spring and buffer assembly the AR15 can be built into a true pistol, with the pistol grip now being the rear-most piece of the weapon.
  • An X-1 equipped pistol operates in a very similar manner to any other semi-automatic pistol with the action cycling rearward when fired.  Standard pistol shooting techniques and precautions should be used.
  • If extra shooting support is desired, a sling with an attachment point at the rearmost portion of the receiver has shown to be very effective.
  • During range testing the X-1 has shown to have very little felt recoil and has been found to have better accuracy, with quicker follow up shots than many other traditional semi-auto pistols, and is enjoyable to shoot.