What is the X-1?

What is the Aviator Arms X-1?

The X-1 from Aviator Arms is a recoil device designed to build a smaller, more compact AR-15 pistol.  Its design removes the buffer tube, buffer, and recoil spring from the back of the lower receiver, and relocates them in a more compact form to the top of the upper receiver. The X-1 replaces only these three components and does not permanently alter the firearm in any way. The X-1 is compatible with all standard mil-spec components and most upgraded components as well. 

An X-1 equipped pistol will be approximately 7" shorter than a standard pistol build and is designed to be fired un-shouldered like any other semi-auto pistol.  If additional shooting support is desired, we have had very good results using a single point sling during our range testing.

Use Cases for the X-1:

  • Camping, backpacking and hiking in an area with large or dangerous wildlife.
  • Survival kit gun for your aircraft, boat, or RV. 
  • 300BLK variant is great for carrying in your glove box or center console as a backup to your normal EDC on your person.  An X-1 pistol can be conveniently stored and carried in areas no other AR will fit.  If SHTF, you will have the security of a high power rifle round with its greater accuracy and superior stopping power when you need it.
  • Home defense, an X-1 pistol is small enough to fit in a bedside table drawer for quick access when you need it.
  • Bug-out gun. The X-1 can be conveniently packed in a single duffle bag along with all your other necessities to get out quick. Its small profile eliminates the need to carry your weapon in a dedicated bag or case separate from the rest of your essential supplies.
  • Gray Man Style when conspicuously carrying a rifle is less than ideal. Face it, a rifle case looks like a rifle case.  The X-1 can fit in a briefcase, backpack or duffle bag. If you want to be armed with a rifle caliber weapon but don’t want to be readily noticed, the X-1 is your solution.